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2 min readMay 30, 2021


Today I listened to a podcast episode from NOT OVERTHINKING podcast by Ali Abdaal and Taimer Abdaal. I usually won’t listen to hour podcasts, but this specific episode hooked me on and actually cycled about 5 KM listening to this episode — ‘ Treating Your Personal Life Like A Business’.

The title suddenly hooked me and the content was also promising.

The main idea was that employing business type of thinking in personal life. In business everybody thinks in terms of time and value. Getting the greatest value in short time and avoiding un-beneficial habits.

We usually try to fit in to the society and don’t even question some habits and systems in our society. But intentionally carrying on every habits and systems in life as valuable in relation to time as in business is more beneficial. This may be big or small. Like having a system of registering the topics discussed upon a dinner or with a client or putting on the keys in specific place as soon as you return home will be more beneficial our long run in providing value and saving time.

Some such systems may be :

  • Having a CRM (customer relationship management) software or in notion to keep track of the prospects and sales call you made.
  • Talking to friends or listening to podcast whenever you travel.
  • Keeping things at right place ( intentionally for every specific actions like keeping the keys in the key stand as soon as you open the door on return or keeping the passport in the designated place can help you save time)
  • Calling people you haven’t talked in a while travelling.
  • Writing down ideas as soon as they come to mind.
  • Paying for a nice looking Callander or time saving service.
  • Texting sorry to the person you just fought with.

It’s basically like a system of habits interlocked intentionally to provide the best possible result as we think in business.

Form the best morning routine. List things you will do while travelling and also state the way you would do it.

Some important things I do intentionally is quantifying everything in my life, weighing me once a month, listening to podcast while cycling, writing blog whenever I am hooked on a subject, scheduling the day one day before, collecting the books I want to read that day as soon as I Finnish brushing my teeth.

The bottom line is create a system of specific habits intentionally like a business to save you time, money and provide value.



Sai shakthi e

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