How To Schedule Your Day For Maximum Productivity

The way you spend your time determines your level of success.

Do you spend 1 hour a day play ping Vedic games or procrastinating ?

Scheduling is so important that every minute spent scheduling saves you 10 minutes from thinking what to do.

I schedule my day each day before because every morning when I wake up I have a plan to act with. If this is not the case I would have had many tasks to complete but due to not knowing what to do next I would be stuck thinking what to do next.

So every night sit down with a online journal or calendar and enter the things that you need to get done the next day including the very small activities like mowing your lawn. Then spend few minutes and prioritise the list and a lot certain time blocks to every activity and delegate the tasks that can be delegated.

Scheduling can make you productive and faster.

I am aspiring to be an entrepreneur and want to retire by the age of 35. I read a lot about entrepreneurship, business, self help and money and wanted to share.